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Know the World with Julia

Know the World with Julia

I am glad to invite you to My World. I am interested in various things, and I would like to share with you some, specifically interesting ones to my mind. Modern and traditional art, musical events, queer incidents and locations on the planet, historical puzzles, legendary figures - it is a small portion of the world I am fond of exploring, to obtain the truth, or simply find out diverting facts. The global network is full of info, valuable and unwished. When we are annoyed and wish to entertain ourselves by looking for something really worthwhile, we must scroll through dozens of pages with uncertain information. My World offers only what helps you to take a break from bothersome casual life.
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Laboratori di ricerca e formazione per una scuola di qualità. Ideato dalle associazioni Qu.I.S.S. e CIDI per valorizzare la professionalità dei docenti e sostenere il lungo lavoro di mediazione culturale avviato da decenni dal mondo della scuola e della ricerca...

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